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Our MunichParis Studio Newsletter: Opt-in, Content and Data

What’s the content of our mails?

We send you updates on trends in the fashion and lifestyle blogging industry so you always stay on top of it. This includes information about new themes and services, new posts about blogging with WordPress and from time to time there will be freebies and the chance to win something!


How often do we send newsletters?

We only send one newsletter each month and sometimes a second one if we have something really excited to share. But just as you, we don’t like spam and won’t flood your mailbox.


Tracking & Analysis

We analyse data like click rate and how often the newsletters get opened so we know what you like and what we can confidently throw out.


Double Opt-in and how to unsubscribe

If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will send you a confirmation email (that’s called double opt-in), so we can be sure that you really want to receive our mails. Inside of each newsletter there is also a link to unsubscribe if you don’t want to receive our newsletter anymore.



We send all our newsletters with Mailchimp. That’s where the data you entered on registration will be saved as well (e.g. your email address). You can find more information about the process and the subscription in our Privacy Policy.