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Shop my Wardrobe Widget

Currently Craving Section – JOUY Shopping Widget on the Homepage

Show your readers your favorite pieces right on the homepage and make your wardrobe ready-to-shop!

Please note:

The product carousel widget is a third-party widget from an affiliate network – it is not built into the theme. You can only use this section with a third-party code!

First, register for an affiliate network of your choice (see this article for tips and recommendations from us: Affiliate for Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers: Which network should I choose?).

Log into your account and follow the steps on their website to create a new widget. You will get a code snippet or a shortcode – copy it.

Come back to your WP dashboard.

Navigate to Appearance > Widgets and drag a Custom HTML Widget –  from the left into the section Homepage After Content Area.

The copied code from your affiliate provider goes into empty Conent of the Custom HTML Widget  Give your Shopping Widget a title and click on save.

To emphasize one part of the title and display it in the handwritten font, wrap it between [span] [/span] shortcodes, like in the picture below.

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