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4 Reasons to start a Blog in 2022

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Are you thinking about starting a blog? But you’ve heard people say that ‘Blogs are dead’, ‘Nobody reads long articles anymore’, ‘Everybody is on social media only these days’?

And now you’re thinking if it’s really a good idea?

Let me tell you four reasons why I’ve planned a new blog project for next year and why you should consider it, too.

Reason #1: Bloggers still make money

Yeah, I know, people say blogging is dead since 2012. (That’s when I started my first blog!). And still, there are more blogs today around the web than ever!

The reason is simple: People are still reading blogs and bloggers still make money.

Either through affiliate marketing, through ads (yes!), through sponsorships or their own digital products. It’s still working and people are still launching new blogs all the time.

Reason #2: There are still profitable niches left

Oh yes. Don’t make the mistake to think that all good niches for bloggers are already satisfied.

Plus, many niches slowly get abandoned. If you find a topic with blog posts from 3-4 years on the first page of Google, chances are high you can outrank them with better and more recent content.

People want the latest news and the most recent information they can get.

It can clearly pay out to look for profitable niches in 2022!

Reason #3: Blog Design is becoming easier

I don’t know if you’ve heard the news, but with WordPress moving into full site editing and popular site builders like Elementor, designing a blog has become easier than ever. Even, if you are not a professional designer.

There are so many tools around to make your life easier these days.

I recently signed up with Canva Pro after thinking about it for more than a year. Then I finally decided not to procrastinate it any more, I read reviews – this one was super helpful in particular –┬á and clearly studied the options that come with the Pro version.

And took the plunge.

What can I say? I’m super happy about it! For our new blog, we’ll be having a great design with Canva elements, plus Canva also lets me create matching social media graphics to promote my posts in a matter of minutes.

Reason #4: Blogging is the perfect marketing strategy for Online Businesses

I know, social media is THE thing if you are running an online business.

This is certainly true in parts. I mean, we are on Instagram as well!

But if you are not that into hanging on social media all day (like me!) and more into longform content, blogging could be your thing.

If you want to bring your online business forward in 2022, why not start a blog with high quality articles and position yourself as the expert in your topic?

Just like blogging, content marketing still works and is only about to grow bigger. Don’t miss the chance!