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My 5 Favorite Apps for Female Entrepreneurs & Bloggers

Image Credit: Natalia from Romalos Blog
Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through one of these links, we earn a small commission.

Are you ready to discover some new apps that will make your life easier, inspire you and help you track your phone usage? In this post I want to show you my 5 favorite apps for female entrepreneurs and bloggers.


The Pinterest app is my go-to for inspiration and ideas. I use the app to manage our Business Pinterest account, and pin manually (mostly in the evening, when I’m on the phone) and to source new content ideas. But I also use Pinterest a lot for my personal inspiration, for outfits I’d like to wear, interior inspiration, recipes and sometimes even for shopping. The app is like everything in one for me and I find it somewhat meditating scrolling through my feed and getting inspired!

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Insight Timer

Meditation! I know, this is a trending topic right now and everybody seems to be meditating a lot these days, but I really like taking a few minutes each morning all for myself and prepare for a busy work day. I used to meditate with Headspace in the beginning, because their guided meditations are great, but then I discovered Insight Timer and switched over. Insight Timer has a huge selection of guided meditations and courses around different topics, but also offers a timer and background music, so you can meditate on your own, which I personally like more once you get used to it.

Insight Time is free to download and use, but you can sign up to courses around topics like stress relief, happiness, motivation and many more, which are around 4-10$.


Before I discovered Blinkist there were at least 30 books around entrepreneurship, productivity and motivation on my to read list. Blinkist makes it easy to read them all in a day, if I wanted to. How does that work? They offer short summaries (10-15 minute reads) of over 2,500 non-fictional books. Their library contains a lot of books that are especially interesting for (female) entrepreneurs like The 4-Hour Workweek, Lean In or Eat that Frog. So instead of buying and reading a whole 200 pages book, they summarize the essence and important message of a book on a few pages, which you can swipe through and easily read a book a day. How good is that?

You can try Blinkist for free, afterwards you can subscribe for 6,67 € per month, which is a great deal because I used to spend a lot of money on books that I maybe read only once.


Do you feel like you could use a digital detox? I have to admit that I’m on my phone way too much – scrolling through my Instagram feed here and answering Whatsapp there. This sums up and I was a bit shocked when I first downloaded the Moment app and it said that I spend 3 hours each day on my phone! Moment tracks down how often you pick up your phone and which apps you use the most and for how long.

I use the free version, but with the premium version (it’s only 4,49 €) you can set yourself daily limits and get reminders when you are on your phone for too long. For me personally it helped to see my excessive phone usage red on white to reduce my screen time a lot and not pick up my phone everytime I’m bored.


Preview is my favorite app for planning my personal Instagram feed. The app offers filters for your photos, many of which are free to use and detailed insights in your account’s analytics. But my favorite things about Preview is – the preview. It mimics your Instagram feed and you can drag and drop photos around and build a perfectly coordinated feed. You can also plan photos with Preview and get a reminder when to post directly on your phone.

You can plan unlimited photos with the free version, but if you need more analytics or hashtags suggestions you can upgrade to the pro or premium plans. If you want to use Preview for you business, the premium plan also includes a team feature.