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20 FREE Handlettering Fonts for Blog Design & Branding

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As my post on my 14 Favorite Fandwriting Fonts was so incredibly popular (and still is), I decided to do another one – but this time I want to focus on fonts that are totally free to download and use. Many designers publish free test versions of their pro fonts, which are ideal to try out special font combinations for your branding and later decide if you want to make the investment in a premium font.

And there are even some font designers who give out their fonts free for commercial use. As I’m selling digital products myself, I think it is always worth investing money in properly designed goods for branding and design – but of course, I also like freebies! The following gives you an overview over the 20 best free handwriting fonts I found all over the web (for personal and/or commercial use, I added the license type with each font below).

Which Font License do I need? Personal Use vs. Commercial Use

If you don’t know which license you actually need, check my little guide below. But please bear in mind that every font license is different and some use cases can be excluded in a particular license.

Personal Use

A personal licensed font can be installed on your computer or used as a webfont – but only for your personal purposes. If you can use it as a logo font for your blog is subject to the exact license and you should definitely ask the creator beforehand or read the license agreement carefully.

Examples: Wedding invitations, blog header (sometimes!), personal projects

Commercial Use

If you want to make money directly with a font, or use the font indirectly in a project that is somewhat commercial, then you need a commercial license. This is especially true if you use a font for work you do for a client.

Example: Branding for a client, logo for your own business, all kinds of commercial projects

20 Free Handlettering Fonts – for personal and commercial use

Fili & Kyla (personal & commercial use)

Shellahera (personal use only) – full version here

Autery (personal & commercial use)

Noelan (personal & commercial use)

Hello Stockholm (personal use only) – full version here

Mightype (personal & commercial use)

Merci Heart (personal use only) – full version here

Balqis (personal & commercial use)

Wilderness (personal use only) – full version here

Sophia (personal & commercial use)

Rhesmanisa (personal use only) – full version here

Luna (personal & commercial use)

Aloja (personal & commercial use)

Jannet (personal & commercial use)

The Secret (personal & commercial use)

Wildera (personal use only)

Verona Lotte (personal & commercial use)

Brooke Smith (personal use only) – full version here

Smooth Stone (personal & commercial use)

Setta (personal & commercial use)