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Featured Top Section

Toronto Top Section Options

1.) Dynamic Post Slider

Our Toronto theme comes with an automated Slider option and gives you the opportunity to slide either your most recent post or 5 category posts.

2.) Random Single Post

With the random single post option you will have the chance to display a post at the top section. You can handpick up to 10 posts you like to appear one at the time. The posts will change with every new page load randomly.

3.) Static Featured Image

The static featured image option lets you display any hd image you like. Additionally you can add some text and a link as an overlay to the image. The image will stay permanently at the top section until you decide to change it or choose another top section option.


Navigate to Appearance > Customise > Toronto Theme Options > Top Section

Here you can decide which option you want to display. Check the boxes of the above mentioned options.


  • For the dynamic slider please choose either recent posts or a category you like to display.


  • For the random single post please select the posts you like to be shown via the post search option within the customiser.


  • For the static featured image please upload the image you like to display. Optional you can add some text to the image. It will be shown as


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