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General Settings – Colours

Cosmo Theme gives you the opportunity to uniquely style the theme to your very own branding. You can decide the colour scheme of the design and choose every colour you can come up with.

Navigate to Appearance > Cosmo Theme Options > General Options

Here you can choose the colour scheme for your theme. The Light Background Colour is the one which is incorporated into the single elements like Slider, About Profile Widget, Footer Bar, etc.

The Accent Colour is the one which will style the Links, Buttons, etc.


Pro Tipp: We built a little extra play thing into the theme where you can style the mobile menu appearance with a catchy head line. Also, you can decide whether the sidebar on the desktop view should be sticky when scrolling. Try it out and see what you like better.

Sticky Nav Bar Background Color & Footer Background Color

Cosmo gives you also the chance to decide the colors of your footer background as well as the sticky nav bar background. You can choose every color you like via Hexcode or Color panel.

Navigate back to Cosmo Theme Options and click on Navigation & Footer Settings. 

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