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Homepage Features & Settings

Cosmo Theme comes with a styled post slider for the homepage. You have 2 options on what kind of posts it should slide. You can choose between featured posts and latest posts.

Navigate to Appearance > Cosmo Theme Options > Homepage Settings 

Here you can decide whether the Slider should appear with the check box which reads ‘Show the Post Slider in the top section’. Check it or leave it unchecked if you don’t like a Slider on your Homepage.

You can also decide which type of posts should be chosen for the Slider. Check on the one you prefer. Don’t forget to click on save!

  • featured posts – these posts will need the category ‘featured‘ – make sure you’ll create this category and give it to your special posts you like to outshine.

Pro Tipp: To make the theme a bit more unique you can title your own ‘read more’ text. It can be anything you like. Don’t forget to click on save!

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