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Install Plugins

Paris theme requires a few plugins to be installed so that the theme works just as smooth as in our demo version.

Once you have installed the theme, a little notification will popup in your dashboard  and ask you to install some plugins.

Click on “Begin installing plugins” and install/activate all plugins you want to use together with the theme.

Required Plugins: MPS Plugin

Recommended Plugins: ContactForm 7, WP My Instagram, EasyForms for Mailchimp

Info: Our own plugin (called MPS plugin) is packed with a lot of features especially for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. You can use it not only with our MPS themes, but with every theme you like. So if you ever feel like switching, there is no way your content will be lost!

Info:  The pre equipped Instagram plugin is no longer supported so therefore please use the WP My Instagram plugin by mnmlthms which you can find in the WordPress.org plugin repository.

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