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Theme Fonts and Image Sizes


Main Title Font: Justus
Main Body Font: Lora
Other: Tenor Sans

Curious what handwritten font we used for the header and several widget titles? It is called La Parisienne and you can buy it here* (or simply click the product image below), if you want to use it for your own logo or graphics. (We think it’s a perfect match with Madrid’s simplicity – you could use it e.g. in post collages or to spice up outfit posts.)

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Image Sizes

We recommend the following images sizes to fit perfectly with the theme and to avoid blurry pictures or too long loading times.

Featured Boxes: at least 400 x 400px
Fullwidth Posts (applicable for the featured image): for HD images at least 1920 x 1080px
Inside Articles: maximum width of 770px


*Disclaimer: This is a Creative Market partner link. We might earn a small provision if you decide to buy the font over this link. The font is not ours, but we use it in our own projects and love its simplistic script style. All opinions are our own.

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