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Theme Upload & Installation

After purchasing our Madrid Theme you should be able to download it. The downloaded file is named MadridThemeDownload.zip. Make sure to unzip it before proceeding with the installation. It contains following files:




Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Appearance > Themes.

Now click on the Add New button on top of the page and then click Upload Theme.

Choose the madrid.zip file from the MadridThemeDownload.zip file you downloaded. The zip file you need to upload is madrid.zip (zipped within the MadridThemeDownload.zip).

Important! Don’t upload the whole MadridThemeDownload.zip folder! If you get a ‘Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet’ error you have probably uploaded the wrong folder.

Click on Install Now and once it is installed, important click the return to themes button.

We are not done yet. Now you need to upload the madrid-child.zip. You should be at Appearance > Themes again.

Click again on the Add New Button on the top of the page and then click on Upload Theme. Choose the madrid-child.zip file. Click on Install Now and then on the Activate Button. Congrats! You successfully installed your new Design.

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