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Looks like my RSS Feed is broken. What can I do?

All our MunichParis Studio Themes support RSS feed. We’ve embedded special template tags directly into your new theme to guarantee a proper functionality for third parties like Bloglovin to pull your feed.

If you should ever experience difficulties with your feed please read the below trouble shooting:

Broken RSS Feed due to a plugin conflict

In the majority of cases the problem lies with a plugin which is interfering with the RSS Feed and therefore giving you headaches of why your feed is not working or only working partially. To get rid of the problem we recommend you to follow these steps:

1.) Choose a day and time where you think its best to work on the problem without interfering with your blog readers. We recommend to do this late at night or sometime in the early morning hours.

2.) Open your WP dashboard and go to your installed plugin and tick the box for checking them all at once. After you ticked all plugins go to bulk action and choose ‘deactivate’. If you should have any plugins which are already deactivated and of no use any more please delete them or mark them so you know they are not the conflicting plugins.

3.) For the next step we will need to check the RSS Feed every time we activate a plugin at a time. You can use this feed validator to check your feed and find out which plugin is the conflicted one.

4.) Repeat until you find the problematic plugin. Once you’ve found it, please continue the process to eliminate the possibility of finding another plugin which is also problematic.

5.) If you are done with the search you can delete the problematic plugin(s) and activate all the other plugins if you haven’t already.

Please note that MunichParis Studio can not guarantee the compatibility of every plugin in the WordPress repository with our themes. We do not stand reliable for any eventual plugin conflict that might result with your theme purchase.

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