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Widget: Mailchimp Signup Form

Homepage Widget Areas

The Theme comes equipped with four widget areas, where you can add any widget you like. You can use the default WordPress widgets or the widgets that come with our MPS Plugin, like a custom youtube widget. Madrid Demo Version displays for example a Shopping Widget, the Youtube Widget, Instagram Widget and a Mail Chimp Subscribe Widget.


Subscribe Widget

The Subscribe Widget is a super way to bind readers to your blog and give them the opportunity to be up to date right into their mailboxes.

For Madrid we use the Sign Up Form from Mail Chimp. Make sure you have the recommended Mail Chimp Easy Forms Plugin activated and ready for use.

Navigate to Appearance > Widgets and drag the Easy MailChimp Forms widget into your desired widget area. In the demo version it is placed in the After Content Widget Area. Fill out the required fields and give your Subscribe Widget a title. Don’t forget to click on save!


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